It’s true when they say “You are not always reminded of the goals you scored, but you are always reminded of the ones you missed.” That’s exactly what is happening to the beautiful inspiring location called Walmer. It might not have the fancy situations, but it does have the fancy minds and dreams. Every year, Walmer produces inspirational people and many professionals. Walmer is a place full of people who don’t allow their disabilities destroy their abilities. It is a place where every opportunity is grabbed with both warm hands and appreciative hearts. Poverty, crime, and woman abuse might have striken the location, but they haven’t stricken the hearts of Walmer citizens. There are many talented singers, poets, storytellers, rappers, dancers, and every talent you wish to find- you will find in Walmer. Walmer is a place that has people who are determined to stand up against all odds. I haven’t been in Walmer for too long, but the feedback get from everyone is so amazing and something to learn from. I am inspired by every single person who lives in Walmer who refuses to let their past determine their future.

My message to Walmer Citizens:
Look at how beautiful you are. Don’t wait for the doors to open themselves, for you should open them yourself. Stand up and claim your destiny from the universe. Solly Mahlangu once said, “Use whatever you have to get what God has for you.” May God bless you all and please keep the spirit of ubuntu and have hope.


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